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nr. 1 – where to start?

there you go, this was a tough one…  where to start with this whole project “asongaday” – it has to be a special one, but there is so many of them… which one to choose…
but as I am going through a bit of a Nick Cave phase at the moment, having a crush on him since I was 15 years old, I think he will be a good and well deserved  number one.
“Stagger Lee” is one of my favourite Nick Cave songs … along with many others… but this one has got this immense presence and power – and that is not just because of the countless swearwords in it…
if you bother to watch this live version to the end, you will understand what I mean, it’s all about charisma and male chauvinism, which can be quite sexy… you know what I mean
The attraction of guys like Cave is always based on the forbidden, the demonic and “Stagger Lee” sums this up quite well, doesn’t it. It’s a damn hot song and Nick surely still got it….

If you want to read more Nick Cave, instead of just listen, I recommend this little book “Nick Cave – the complete Lyrics 1978 – 2013”  it’s pretty and a pretty good read as well… he’s a poet as well – that’s for sure

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