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for all my friends in the UK who have recently asked whether I would vote in or out as a NON-British person you might not understand, but this is a question I could never answer… it’s simply not THE question…for me Europe is not an institution, it’s a matter of the heart…it’s simply what I [...]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUNb7N2VvdM sometimes? Does this song help or make it worse – what we used to be and wnhat we are now – when the bad girl says good bye….brilliant lyrics by the Arctic Monkeys . .. think about them what you like …. this is cool

Something worth supporting….

  ok… it’s not about whether you like this piece of art or not… it’s about respect for art and artists… it’s also respect for the money that has been spent not so long ago for exactly the piece of art they want to destroy now… just help to stop this! #artisnotfashion oh, and by [...]

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