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nr. 9 – killer filler

“Velocity girl” a great little song that would always fit at the end of every mixtape and for so many music-freaks liek me the beginning of it all… that intro… the first notes – when I heard them the first time, a moment to remember. I will never forget how this song caught me and hasn’t let me go ever since.
call it anorak,  call it twee, call it indie – it’s us… the generation that knew Primal Scream before they were all dirty desert rock…. (not bad either but … hey…!!)


always a killer, never just a filler – even though it would always fit right at the end when there wasn’t enough tape left for an ordinary song “Velocity Girl” by Primal Scream
ps: I can dance like Bobby Gillespie and we were the Hipsters before there were Hipsters – just without the nasty beards!

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