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for all my friends in the UK who have recently asked whether I would vote in or out as a NON-British person

you might not understand, but this is a question I could never answer… it’s simply not THE question…for me Europe is not an institution, it’s a matter of the heart…it’s simply what I am – European. Am I proud to be German? NO! Because that is just the identity, the passport I was given because of who my parents are and where I was born! Am I proud to be European? YES!!! Because European is what I chose to be.

The Europe of the people is a matter of the heart. Borders are an invention of the rich, the ruling classes and the military – mainly to stop people on each side of that border from interacting! I don’t believe in borders, I believe in Europe – I believe in the magic of the fact that we might all be different but still the same, that we all can add something to a bigger picture, that we help each other, benefit from each other and fight together.

I do not believe in authorities, governments and institutions but I know that for as long as they exist, they will do what they want anyway… no matter if you are British, German or European – if they want you to be poor, you will be poor – no matter what your decision regarding the ‪#‎brexit‬ is.
Don’t kid yourself, the yes or no will have NO influence on your personal well being – your government “takes care of that” either way. And as for the economy…. you really think they care about your decisions…. all those trust, corporations and multinational (!) companies….
all you do by voting OUT is weaken smaller businesses and firms that need Europe as a platform….

But if you want to be part of something bigger and better, if you are willing to work for a Europe of the people and if you think it’s time to fight authorities and their antisocial decisions, stay and become part of a movement that can make a difference – do NOT isolate your people, do NOT believe the media, the authorities, the politicians – stay and make Europe part of your identity….

But if you can’t imagine to dump your foolish national pride, vote LEAVE, we don’t really need any more of that in Europe.

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